Weather for the Beaches of free Famagusta!

Hello everyone!
Saturday, July 11, will be a fabulous day to visit the beach. Air temperatures in the Agia Napa and Protaras area will reach a high of 29 °C while the sea will be at a warm 28 °C. It will be a sunny day, with light southerly winds in the morning, making all beaches fantastic to swim in. Winds will pick up around 1pm reaching 3 beaufort, making the Protaras area ideal for swimming in calm waters with no waves. Agia Napa beaches will have some waves but all in all, a great day to visit all beaches in the free Famagusta area! Discovering Cyprus recommends: Konnos Bay (24) and Asprokremmos Beach (43) in the Protaras area and Pantahou Beach (13) and Makronisos Beach (4) in the Agia Napa area!

Sunday will be a sunny day with temperatures remaining high at around 28 °C. Winds will be fairly strong in the afternoon, mostly from a southern direction. On Saturday night the temperature will fall to 26 °C with relative humidity levels at a comfortable level of 80%.

Enjoy the weekend!

Beaufort wind scale and how it affects the conditions at Protaras and Agia Napa beaches – most common conditions:
2 beaufort: Light breeze, wind felt on skin; pleasant to swim with offshore or onshore winds. Small waves with onshore winds, calm seas with offshore winds.
3 beaufort: Stronger breeze, leaves moving, flags extended; pleasant to swim with offshore winds (beware of light sea current taking you away from the shore), hard to swim with onshore winds due to waves but fun to ride!
4 beaufort: Windy, paper starts flying; comfortable to swim with offshore winds near the shore (beware of sea current taking you offshore), white caps seen at a distance of 100m; with onshore winds strong and frequent waves covering the whole body, swimming recommended only for a short time and for experienced swimmers.
5 beaufort: Very windy (by Cyprus standards!) sand may be raised and feel uncomfortable to the body and eyes. With offshore wind, manageable to swim but beware of currents. Enjoy the view with onshore wind!